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An earthquake of a moderate intensity, the second in less than a month (previous jolt of a similar intensity experienced on 2-3 November), rocked the northern Pakistan . A minimum of 20 persons faced death and scores injured.
A population of around 8,000, living in the Astore Valley (an area between the Indus River and the town of Astore: district Diamer) were affected by the early morning quake. Six villages, i.e., Dashkin, Doyan, Harchu, Khudkasht, Mushkin and Turbuling, were close to the epicenter and faced the major part of the disaster. The quake totally disrupted the available road link leading into the valley, infrastructure and electricity supply, all adding to the miseries of the residents of the area.

After such a disastrous event, many NGOs planned to provide some aid to the human inhabitants of effected area, but our organization opted to provide help to the livestock flock, which usually remains ignored under circumstances, though are required for economic rehabilitation of the masses.

A detailed assessment of the affected villages was carried out and the relief teams were sent in the area, suitability equipped to meet the needs of the disaster hit villages. The teams established relief stations where the expertise of experienced vets was available.

Almost all animals of livestock maintained in the area were given a total health check by BRC’s team and around 400 animals were found to be suffering from different diseases and were provided the required treatment. The treatment was much appreciated by the locals as the imported supplies of medicine provided by our organization had 100% efficacy, locally available drugs usually have a doubtful efficacy. The vet team treated cases of pneumonia, severe dehydration resulting from diarrhea, and other external/ internal parasitic infections.

The local administration visited our temporary clinics and appreciated the efforts of the centre for targeting the ignored part of the disaster relief efforts.


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