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In order to know the present status of the problem and to control the bearbaiting it was essential to develop an estimate on the number of bears kept in captivity as dancing and/or baiting bears.
... For this purpose BRC designed a project named “Bear Census”. The number of bears kept in captivity with gypsies was counted, according to their sex and the possibility of their use as dancing or baiting bears. For this purpose special teams were formulated and suitably trained. These teams spread out and searched each and every town in the prospective areas of the Sindh and the Punjab to search the captive bears, their owners and their exact addresses.


The information, thus gathered, helped us a lot to restrict the movement of the bears to their towns and their homes. An alternative livelihood program has been designed for these gypsies, as the bear baiting and dancing remains their main source of earning. The program is in the final stages of its development and we are searching source of funding for this program.
Shifting of these bears to the sanctuary has also to be planned, where they are provided with best natural habitat. The centre will need additional funding for the maintenance of these bears at the Sanctuary.

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