Village fairs are believed to be the major entertainment source for villagers. They are primary places for the landlords and qalanders to organize bear baiting. For the purpose, BRC developed a mobile infotainment unit equipped with films, live performances and conservation handouts, to take conservation message to participants of these fairs using a sugar-coated awareness cum-entertainment program.
Our mobile infotainment team is fully trained to tackle people from different walks of life, especially those related to bear baiting. Our infotainment team worked as an excellent channel in spreading the message of animal rights in Islam, their care and conservation. Our unit has so far covered maximum districts of Sindh and Punjab, addressing a no. of 10, 2650 audience in 60 village fairs, giving out more than 7,000 conservation handouts, during 2008. Almost 60% districts of Sindh, and 70% districts of Punjab were covered In this way, this unit attracted a large number of people through their displays and performances that resulted in a decline of spectators of bear baiting events.


Performance of Infotainment in 2008

Future goals

Modifying the stalls, placed in fairs holding bearbaiting, in such a manner that these become more attractive as well as informative in reaching maximum number of fairs.
To convince the landlords to allow the display of our infotainment stalls in the fairs organized by them indicate their increasing interest towards our message. We plan to approach these landlords with the conservation message in more effective manner.

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