... Most of the bearbaiting events are organized at the rural festivals by landlords and/or other influential personalities. It is therefore necessary to establish direct contacts with these landlords to develop a cooperative and supportive relationship with them. The centre identified such potential landlords and influential personalities. Detailed information on their previous attitude towards bearbaiting event was collected. Individual meetings were arranged with them, convincing them to give written assurances that they will not host a bearbaiting events in future.


The centre has, till date, identified 243 landlords and organizers of bearbaiting events (Sindh=128 & Punjab=115). Connecting, motivating and getting assurances from these proud influential personalities, deeply involved in the game, was an uphill task. With the dedicated efforts of BRC team and with the cooperation of motivated landlords, meetings were ultimately successfuly arranged to convince a majority of them not to host bearbaiting events. They were also motivated to act as partners of BRC in reaching and convincing the other organizers of the events.


Landlords organizers of Bearbaiting events approached and convinced 2007

After the first round of visits, a second round of visits shall be undertaken with a lobbying pack for the landlords to further strengthen the relationship with them to muster their continued help and support in control of future baiting events.

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