Poaching is the illegal killing/ trapping/ live capturing of animals, usually to eat or sell. It is a major problem in Pakistan. More and more wild animal species are disappearing, year after year, and poaching and hunting are the main contributing factors in such extinctions.

Reasons/ types for Poaching

Both commercial and trophy poaching are still exercised as there is a worldwide demand for the products. This demand is caused by lack of education among the masses.

Solutions to Poaching or anti-poaching measures

1. Reduce the demand for poached products.

2. Reduce poaching activity by:

In Pakistan, poaching has been common. BRC 'Bear Census Project' helped us in estimating the number of bears being presently maintained in captivity, and in identifying the subsistent and commercial poachers of bears. Suitable projects can be developed whereby poaching could be stopped through involving the stakeholders. For this purpose BRC's deigning a new project by the name of “Alternative Livelihood”, to provide these people an alternate source of earning their livelihood.

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