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The public awareness campaign is an important segment of the activities of BRC. This campaign concerns with all wildlife issues, though a major focus remains on bearbaiting and conservation. This campaign is directed towards different groups:

School Awareness

 The tender aged school going youth have a fresh and clean mind and hence a high social adaptation rate. The ideas imprinted in the brain in the tender age lasts long and persist even till old age. The love and affection associated with them also renders the older parents and other members of the society more perceptive to the messages they convey. Further the analysis of the composition of the spectators at the bearbaiting events revealed that major part of the gathering at the events belonged to the children of 12-15 years of age. Keeping these facts in mind and their high social adoption rate , BRC designed an extensive plan to approach the youth leadership with the general conservation message, placing special emphasis on saving the bears from being baited.

Till now, a total of 699 schools have been visited and 76,903 children addressed by the staff, of the centre including the senior management. Students were shown cartoon movies with projector, and the awareness material was distributed. The students were then asked to reproduce what they learnt. The top three students of each school were given certificates and prizes.

The message of care and kindness for the animal species is now spreading in the youth leadership and is being inculcated into the elder generation.


Number of students approached through awareness campaign in different districts of Pakistan

Public Sentience

For the mass awareness, BRC also availed the opportunity of conveying the message of animal rights and conservation during Saf Games, at Islamabad, during 2003, and Pet and Cat Show at Expo Center Karachi, during 2005, respectively. Fully equipped stalls were arranged and awareness material was openly distributed among the visitors. These events were a major success for us, as people took keen interest and encouraged our efforts and were wishful to participate in our campaigns.

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