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BRC Disaster Relief Work

When people’s properties are destroyed, animals home often disappear too. Wild animals often have to flee to their habitat to survive. Domestic animals are often at a risk remaining trapped or abandoned with no food or water. BRC extensive knowledge and expertise enables us to react immediately to these unpredictable events. We provide:
  • Urgent veterinary treatment

  • Disease contaminants

  • Mobile clinic dispatch

  • Rebuilding destroyed infrastructure

In this aspect BRC has served the livestock and humanity as well in disaster hit areas of Pakistan,  especially Northern Areas. Following is our year wise effort done in affected areas.

  1. Earth Quake Relief Work in Astore , 2002

  2. Flood Disaster Relief Mission in Sheikhopora and Gudaab, 2003

  3. Flood Relief Work in NWFP, Punjab and Northern Areas , 2005

  4. Earth Quake Relief Work in Northern Areas, 2005


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