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Balkasar Research Complex:

Balkasar Research Complex has been established at an area of 500 canals at Balkasar, Chakwal (closed to Balkasar Motorway Interchange). Various kinds of researches are being carried out in this complex by Zoology and Botany experts. The main aim of constructing this complex is to develop a Bear Sanctuary for protection of the bears, which are rescued from Bear Baiting. But researches are also being conducted on Avifauna, Fish, Amphibians and Reptile species. This research complex is composed of different stations including.

  1. Bear Sanctuary, also serving as Mammalian Research Station
  2. Avian Research Station
  3. Herpetology Research Station
  4. Olive Plantation


Construction of this complex was initiated in 2009. Construction plan was made by experts and then it was accordingly implemented. This huge project is managed and controlled by our dedicated field workers under the supervision of zoology and botany specialists.

  1. Bear Sanctuary:

Natural and home- like environment is provided to the rescued bears. Injured bears are taken to the centre where they are treated by wildlife specialists. Bear center is mainly composed of following structures.




There are two main enclosures, being electrically fenced. Water pools and ponds have been constructed in one of these enclosures. Environment of the enclosure is made natural by various ways so that bears can perform different natural activities. Vegetation and plantation provide suitable natural environment for bear’s survival. Tire swings are designed for the recreation of bears.  

Quarantines & Training areas

Attached with both enclosures, 8 quarantines are designed at the beginning and 6 quarantines at the end of each enclosure (that open into the satellite compound), so as to capture the bear easily from any location within the enclosures. These quarantines are well designed, each having a water pool. Attached with the quarantines are training areas for bears, in order to make them used to of the current running within the wires around enclosures. During period of stay of animal in quarantines, the bear is kept on a regular check and is provided with high energy vitamin-rich food, as per demands of the individual animal till it overcomes its physical weakness and anemic condition.

Animal Control Race

Attached with the quarantines, are animal control races; 4 with quarantines at front and 2 with quarantines at back of each enclosure (that open into the satellite compound). It is the best and easy way to retrieve bears from any enclosure and quarantine. Release and check up of new arriving bears can be done in an easy way.

Satellite Compound

A satellite compound has been developed in sanctuary that connects enclosure number one with enclosure number two. Through this satellite division, it is possible to capture the bears easily into the associated animal control races and carry out the concerned procedures.

Feeding & Monitoring Race


Here at Balkasar bear center, a comparatively long and broad race has been developed between both the enclosures, so that easy observation of bear’s activities is made possible.


The main compound of the sanctuary comprises of eight rooms. Out of which, one is clinic. The clinic has all the facilities for treatment and minor operations of bears. In case of any emergency, bears are shifted to this clinic where they are treated by wildlife specialists to bring them back to good health.


An office has also been maintained and arranged for the sanctuary manager. Manager keeps check on the working of staff and constantly monitors the running of different projects.


Staff Room


A well organized guest room, for visitors has been arranged and managed. A staff room for the workers will also be ready soon.



A kitchen for facilitation of staff members has been constructed as well, where bread cooking for bears is also managed. Tandoor is being set for bear bread cooking.



A well equipped workshop is also present, for maintenance of tasks at the sanctuary.

Water Tank & observatory

For ensuring smooth supply of water, a giant water tank, is constructed. Observational point is also setup at the top of this water tank for observation of wildlife and other associated buildings around the sanctuary.

Avian research Station


Avian research station has been setup at Balkasar Research Centre to monitor and research the bird species. Detailed research is conducted by constantly monitoring through latest equipment and trained field workers observations. Sighting results are derived by local and global sighting results. Near threatened and endangered bird species are mainly focused and experts’ recommendations are used for the long term survival of these birds. Birds’ classification, ecosystem, seasonal migration, feed, reproduction and ecology are studied in detail by the experts of the field. Birds watching points are being planned to situate at different places of the area for research students and nature lovers. BRC Avian Research Station is honored to conduct surveys with intensive research on bird species in the various areas of Pakistan.

Herpetolgy Research Station

Herpetology Research Station is developed for the research study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. Latest resources are available to the scientists for better understanding of Reptiles and Amphibians biology. Samples are collected from different areas and preserved for research.

Olive Plantation

Olive plantation is practiced at Balkasar for research and conservation. Olive plant is cultivated and researched to increase its production. Planning is being made to expand the setup and number of plants for research and development.


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